Environment policy

Please note that the wording and details of our policies may change from time to time to comply with new regulations or operational needs, but we will always endeavour to provide you with notice if they do change. This policy is applicable under UK law and not that of Qatar.

Teachers to your home recognises the importance of environmental responsibilities and that through its various activities, Teachers To Your Home will have an impact on the environment and should act in a way to reduce its impact however it can.

Teachers To Your Home is committed to a continuous improvement programme to minimise its impact on the environment and encourage and work with customers, business partners, and the wider community to do the same.

Through our green programme, Teachers to your home will strive to:

  • Achieve 100% carbon neutrality for its business operations, principally through delivering its services through carbon-neutral servers, as well as the below initiatives and carbon offsetting
  • Deliver its operations online where possible, and limit the need for employee travel
  • Run a paperless office and encourage customers and tutors to do the same

As dictated by the ISO 14001 standard, when reviewing these objectives, Teachers To Your Home shall consider the legal and other requirements, significant environmental aspects, technological options and financial, operational and business requirements, as well as the views of interested parties.

All carbon footprinting will be compliant with ISO 14064-1:2006(E) and the demonstration of carbon neutrality will comply with the specifications contained within PAS 2060:2010. The objectives and targets shall be consistent with the environmental policy, including the commitment to the prevention of pollution.